Sunday, March 20, 2011

Submit Your Bitch - Inspired by Porn


All submissions to this site are 100% real! These are not bullshit stolen pics and videos. One membership gets you everything! You get all videos, all pictures...everything! The #1 girlfriend sex videos site online. Girlfriend videos submitted by real guys! Watch girls do things only their guy would see! Hot girls that thought they would never see the light of day...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Device Bondage - Jade Indica

This scene from DEVICE BONDAGE involves Jade in bondage. Jade is tightly fastened to the steps using relentless metal straps. Her arms, wrists, legs, ankles and neck immobile, leaving her chin planted on the edge unable to hide that pretty face. Her firm sexy ass and pussy is out for a hard flogging. After snapping black bands on all her sensitive areas, I fuck her with a vibe and dick until she cums while fighting the bondage.

Belted with her arms out, legs chained and bolted down. All Jade can do is squirm when I strike her with the cane and wiggle that plump ass. With her mouth open wide, the moans and stretched screams come pouring out.

Jade is kneeled above our vicious fucking machine with arms in strappado and hair tied up to keep her in position. After some titty suction torture, she is blindfolded and covered in clips. In between brutal fuckings, I whip the clips off one by one which becomes too much for even tough Jade to handle. She is given an even harder fucking to finish her off.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

College Rules - Revenge Is A Dish Best Served NAKED!

So this week COLLEGE RULES received a submission from a very pissed off girlfriend seeking revenge on her cheating boyfriend. Apparently he cheated on her with a couple of girls around campus and somehow she found out. So she was nice enough to make a video for them, and boy this chick went all out! She fucked his roommate and most of the guys in his dorm. She crashed a rival fraternity's party and sucked off their head brother. This one is a must watch!

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