Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cody Cummings and Jeannie Marie

CODY CUMMINGS and Jeannie Marie are lounging around the house on a Sunday morning watching the early games and relaxing in bed. Jeannie has come over during Cody's normal Sunday routine, which pretty much just entails some football and other ball handling. Jeannie is a little hungry so Cody, ever the gentleman,  makes her some breakfast. Carrying quite the spread when he returns, she feasts with her eyes at the tray of food, but even more so at Cody's perfect chiseled physique. After hand feeding her tangy oranges, she licks the juice off his fingers, and before long, it is obvious what she really wants in her mouth. Throwing the food aside, she takes his shaft in one full gulp, slurping and swallowing on his breakfast burrito like it was her last meal. Whoa, Jeannie, whoa! Save some room for dessert.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

James and Heather - Next Door Hookups

James Huntsman & Heather Vahn have just finished brunch at a weekend spa where they are staying. The sun is shining, the day is young, and the air is warm, so they decide to have a rendezvous out on the daybed by the fountain. They take advantage of the private sun to relax and enjoy each other. Slowly kissing each others bodies, they recline on the bed and Heather takes James' rock hard fuck stick all the way down her throat, then she slowly lowers herself over his stiff cock. She bounces up and down with her sweet ass. Getting all worked up, James flips her over and pounds her with his massive meat until he too is spraying like a fountain on NEXT DOOR HOOKUPS.


Ashley and Harley - Corbin Fisher

In this week's CORBIN FISHER update, Ashley wastes no time jumping into Harley's lap and taking his fat cock down her horny throat. After some steamy making out, he dines on her delicious pussy - his tongue delving deep inside. He straddles her so she can take his meat again. He teases her pussy with his cock head, rubbing her clit, before he pushes his way inside of her. He fucks her in several positions before he pulls out and blasts his load all over her back.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Krissy Learns Her Lesson - Bound Gang Bangs

There is a moral to every story, and the moral of this one is simple: if you don't want to get flogged, whipped, and fucked in front of, and by all of, a guy's friends, don't make a scene in front of those friends! When Krissy Lynn's gambling boyfriend won't quit playing poker to take her out on a date like he promised she yells at him in front of his friends, somehow thinking it will help her get her way. Instead he sends her upstairs to get "the bag" full of toys and he humiliates her then whores his bitch out to all his buddies. She's tied up and forced to suck all their cocks. Afterwards, they take turns pounding her pussy and ass. Lots of hardcore double penetration in this scene at BOUND GANG BANGS. Then she's covered by all of their hot, sticky loads.


Mistress Sandra Puts Lefty Thru Pain

At MEN IN PAIN, Sandra's verbal humiliation is top-notch, and today she has "Lefty" eating out of her hand and begging for more. Mistress Sandra's tight latex, tall boots and bitchy demeanor add to heighten Lefty's painful screams as he she forces a dick on a stick into his ass. As always, his hard cock gets him in more trouble. Soon, he's in a predicament that has his balls tied tightly to a weighted line. The more weight he takes, the closer her mouth and delicious pussy get to his straining cock.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Isis Love Subs For The Last Time

We've all loved watching Isis Love over the years in all her kinky forms. She's been only playing Mistress lately and that's how we love her. She doesn't sub or do bondage anymore, until this recent update from HOGTIED! With the abrupt exit of that days model, Isis had to step in. Here, Isis submits, is bound, gagged, flogged, and vibrated to a screaming squirting orgasm, then deeply fucked to multiple orgasms. She moans, screams, and begs. Helplessly bound, she gets fucked good and hard. Then while being made to cum she sucks cock and takes a load all over her beautiful face all the while tied up.

Isis, unfortunately, will probably never sub again.  So, this is a once and a life time opportunity to see her in this role for one last time.


Happy Birthday Mike!

Girlfriends can be awesome at times; especially when they make crazy sex videos for your birthday and let you fuck around with their friends! Hailey is Mike's girlfriend and she wanted to give him the best birthday gift any dude could ask for: a chance to get it on with her and her friends, video tape it and possibly win $10k! Damn, that sounds like a sweet ass gift if you ask me. So, Hailey went all out filming herself making out with coeds and getting down and dirty with her fellow sorority sisters. These some wild College chicks playing by those crazy COLLEGE RULES!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Drake - Divine Bitches

Aiden Starr is a DIVINE BITCH, a Goddess, who must be worshiped. When Drake Temple comes to her with an ego and an attitude she quickly rips it down and puts him in his place. Drake has to face his demons and accept his true lot in life is at the foot of our Goddess.To learn this, he's bound, clamped, whipped, electrocuted, and fucked with a strap-on, among other things. A true Goddess with all the power, she is, and that boy's hole is for her to use anyway she wants. She makes him beg through the gag in his mouth to be fucked like a bitch. He is the pleasure slave of the Goddess.


At DIRTY TEEN IDOLS, Tiffany is a dirty little brat, and she's hungry for sex. She just can’t get enough from Nick Lang and his big bulging boner! Cock is candy to this nymph and he's only to happy to feed it into any hole she wants. And she wants it in EVERY hole! First he gets his tongue in that hot little pussy. He loves her sweet juices. The hot blonde pulls out Nick's dick and starts to work her sweet lips over it and down her throat. She gets on and rides it before he gets her on her back to pound her missionary. Then he flips her over and dips his dick into her derriere, blasting a hot load on her after. 


Justine's Stockings

Justine Jolie showcases her amazing body as she seduces you in this video. Her beautiful lingerie play is just the first step in this video as she strives to do everything she can to turn you on.Watch this sexy lady walk around in her silk stockings. Then she strips down further. Finally, she rips a whole in those stockings and plays with her tight, wet pussy. Watch this gorgeous red-head at STOCKING SECRETS


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Olivia and Campbell - Corbin Fisher

In this CORBIN FISHER update, Campbell joins the site and Olivia couldn't wait to get her hands on this Southern gentleman. They start kissing, and he helps her remove her shirt and bar. He scoops her up and lays her on the bed, kissing down her breasts to her tight, wet pussy. He drills his tongue deep into it, making her moan. She loves it, but wants a taste of Campbell's cock! She swings around and swallows it down. Work it, Olivia. Campbell relaxes, putting his hands behind his head to enjoy her hot mouth. He watches as she deep throats him. He tells her how good it feels, but he wants her to ride him!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beck Nails Ashley - Corbin Fisher

This week at CORBIN FISHER, Beck - a 21 yo pool boy - gets to nail Ashley, the gorgeous blonde. He's always had fantasies about what might when he's working his route, and this is something like how it would go. As they kiss, he lays her on the bed and moves down to her breasts - kissing and sucking her big nipples. He moves further down to get a taste of her pussy. She pulls him back up for a kiss, tasting herself, before sliding down his pants. He's pitching a major tent in his boxer briefs. She's not disappointed once she gets those down and inhales his long shaft.
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