Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mistress Sandra Puts Lefty Thru Pain

At MEN IN PAIN, Sandra's verbal humiliation is top-notch, and today she has "Lefty" eating out of her hand and begging for more. Mistress Sandra's tight latex, tall boots and bitchy demeanor add to heighten Lefty's painful screams as he she forces a dick on a stick into his ass. As always, his hard cock gets him in more trouble. Soon, he's in a predicament that has his balls tied tightly to a weighted line. The more weight he takes, the closer her mouth and delicious pussy get to his straining cock.

After sufficient begging, pleading and pain, Lefty gets in a situation where this Mistress can make good use of his hard cock and dildo-gagged face, and she makes short work of getting off and milking his cock of every ounce of cum.

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