Friday, September 30, 2011

Cody Cummings - Cody's Wettest Fan

Krystal Main is CODY CUMMINGS' biggest fan (after me), bordering on fanatical, and she'll do anything to prove it to him. She's a site member who has all the Cody Cummings DVD's, pictures and other merchandise (PSYCHO!), but recently she has taken it a step further, sending him a fairly explicit home made video.

Cody is no dumb ass, so when it comes time to pick a winner for the Cody Cummings Dildo Prototype Contest, he decides to pick someone who has always supported him, and who also happens to be a hot cock-starved fan who makes home videos. And if winning the contest wasn't enough of a surprise for Krystal, wait til she see's the dildo's “special feature”. I think I'm going to have to get myself one if this is the outcome!

Corbin Fisher - Keny, Trey, and Danielle Threesome

CORBIN FISHER presents us a hot bisexual threesome with Kent, Trey, and the gorgeous Danielle. Not surprisingly – Kent's dick is rock-hard and sticking out of his shorts as soon as he gets in bed with Trey and Danielle! Kent is always up for more in and out of the bedroom. Danielle, the dirty girl she is, loves to take on two guys at once any time she can. And Trey always has a blast in a threesome.

Roboho - Marcus Mojo and Nikki Delano

MARCUS MOJO has just gotten himself a new “toy”. The Roboho, on the cutting edge of robotics technology, has finally been shipped and is ready for him to use. He's got it all set up in the basement and he's ready to take it for a spin. He grabs the remote and presses “Dance” and before you know it, the NikkiBot is pole dancing just like a real live stripper. Amazeballs! After that, Marcus' cock is rock hard and so he's ready to see what else this thing can do... well, let's just say that this thing is full featured with all the bells, whistles and holes to get him shooting his load day after day.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Corbin’s Coeds – Forest Fucks Danielle

Danielle at COLLEGE COEDS was anxious to get Forrest into bed. She really craved getting her lips all over those muscles he'd built up from years of MMA fighting – and especially the big muscle between his legs!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Next Door Hookups: Blind Hunt

At NEXT DOOR HOOKUPS, Krystal Main & James Huntsman are playing games in the bedroom. Blindfolded, James has to feel his way around to find her. Once he does, the game is on. First it's a little bit of 69 Warm-up followed by a nice round of Hide the Salami and ending in little Face Painting session. We all know James is game. Are you?



Monday, September 12, 2011

Corbin’s Coeds – Ripley’s Tag Team

Ripley has never done anything involving a guy before. But something about tag team videos seem to ramp up the competitive nature of the guys involved. So it's no surprise that Ripley ended up having a great time in his first tag team with Kenny and Danielle! The guys really get off on spit roasting her, sucking her breasts, and using this blonde babe. See more at CORBIN FISHER.



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