Saturday, September 17, 2011

Corbin’s Coeds – Forest Fucks Danielle

Danielle at COLLEGE COEDS was anxious to get Forrest into bed. She really craved getting her lips all over those muscles he'd built up from years of MMA fighting – and especially the big muscle between his legs!


I wanted to see her go to work on him as well. And I wasn't disappointed in their chemistry! In no time at all, their clothes were off and Forrest was thoroughly enjoying Danielle's attention. They kiss. She rubs her tits up against his broad chest, and licks his hard abs.

Danielle licks Forrest's shaft and head. He thrusts his hips up, driving his cock deeper into her throat. He has a nice, thick mushroom head that Danielle loves sucking. She tells him how sexy he is.

Forrest flips her around and dives face first into her hot pussy. He eats her out, making Danielle moan like crazy. He works his tongue deep down inside her.

Danielle moves into a 69 so she can get some more of Forrest's cock in her mouth. She sucks him hungrily, and licks his balls while he works on her pussy. 

Forrest stuffs his dick inside her. Danielle loves it and kisses him as he pounds her. She whimpers as he fucks her harder.

Danielle climbs on top to ride his thick cock. She grinds back and forth against him, feeling every inch of him inside her. Forrest has his hands wrapped tightly around Danielle's ass, pulling her up and down on his dick.

Forrest plays with Danielle's tits as he drills her. She arches back, sliding up and down, almost all the way off his dick, but still keeping it inside her. Forrest says he wants to fuck her doggy-style.

Danielle gets on all fours. Forrest nails her from behind, pushing his dick in and out, faster and faster. He slaps her ass with his cock, then shoves it back in and fucks her, making every stroke count.

Forrest pulls his dick out and shoots a thick creamy load onto Danielle's ass. He uses his cock to rub it into her skin.

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