Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cody Cummings and Jeannie Marie

CODY CUMMINGS and Jeannie Marie are lounging around the house on a Sunday morning watching the early games and relaxing in bed. Jeannie has come over during Cody's normal Sunday routine, which pretty much just entails some football and other ball handling. Jeannie is a little hungry so Cody, ever the gentleman,  makes her some breakfast. Carrying quite the spread when he returns, she feasts with her eyes at the tray of food, but even more so at Cody's perfect chiseled physique. After hand feeding her tangy oranges, she licks the juice off his fingers, and before long, it is obvious what she really wants in her mouth. Throwing the food aside, she takes his shaft in one full gulp, slurping and swallowing on his breakfast burrito like it was her last meal. Whoa, Jeannie, whoa! Save some room for dessert.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

James and Heather - Next Door Hookups

James Huntsman & Heather Vahn have just finished brunch at a weekend spa where they are staying. The sun is shining, the day is young, and the air is warm, so they decide to have a rendezvous out on the daybed by the fountain. They take advantage of the private sun to relax and enjoy each other. Slowly kissing each others bodies, they recline on the bed and Heather takes James' rock hard fuck stick all the way down her throat, then she slowly lowers herself over his stiff cock. She bounces up and down with her sweet ass. Getting all worked up, James flips her over and pounds her with his massive meat until he too is spraying like a fountain on NEXT DOOR HOOKUPS.


Ashley and Harley - Corbin Fisher

In this week's CORBIN FISHER update, Ashley wastes no time jumping into Harley's lap and taking his fat cock down her horny throat. After some steamy making out, he dines on her delicious pussy - his tongue delving deep inside. He straddles her so she can take his meat again. He teases her pussy with his cock head, rubbing her clit, before he pushes his way inside of her. He fucks her in several positions before he pulls out and blasts his load all over her back.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Krissy Learns Her Lesson - Bound Gang Bangs

There is a moral to every story, and the moral of this one is simple: if you don't want to get flogged, whipped, and fucked in front of, and by all of, a guy's friends, don't make a scene in front of those friends! When Krissy Lynn's gambling boyfriend won't quit playing poker to take her out on a date like he promised she yells at him in front of his friends, somehow thinking it will help her get her way. Instead he sends her upstairs to get "the bag" full of toys and he humiliates her then whores his bitch out to all his buddies. She's tied up and forced to suck all their cocks. Afterwards, they take turns pounding her pussy and ass. Lots of hardcore double penetration in this scene at BOUND GANG BANGS. Then she's covered by all of their hot, sticky loads.


Mistress Sandra Puts Lefty Thru Pain

At MEN IN PAIN, Sandra's verbal humiliation is top-notch, and today she has "Lefty" eating out of her hand and begging for more. Mistress Sandra's tight latex, tall boots and bitchy demeanor add to heighten Lefty's painful screams as he she forces a dick on a stick into his ass. As always, his hard cock gets him in more trouble. Soon, he's in a predicament that has his balls tied tightly to a weighted line. The more weight he takes, the closer her mouth and delicious pussy get to his straining cock.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Isis Love Subs For The Last Time

We've all loved watching Isis Love over the years in all her kinky forms. She's been only playing Mistress lately and that's how we love her. She doesn't sub or do bondage anymore, until this recent update from HOGTIED! With the abrupt exit of that days model, Isis had to step in. Here, Isis submits, is bound, gagged, flogged, and vibrated to a screaming squirting orgasm, then deeply fucked to multiple orgasms. She moans, screams, and begs. Helplessly bound, she gets fucked good and hard. Then while being made to cum she sucks cock and takes a load all over her beautiful face all the while tied up.

Isis, unfortunately, will probably never sub again.  So, this is a once and a life time opportunity to see her in this role for one last time.


Happy Birthday Mike!

Girlfriends can be awesome at times; especially when they make crazy sex videos for your birthday and let you fuck around with their friends! Hailey is Mike's girlfriend and she wanted to give him the best birthday gift any dude could ask for: a chance to get it on with her and her friends, video tape it and possibly win $10k! Damn, that sounds like a sweet ass gift if you ask me. So, Hailey went all out filming herself making out with coeds and getting down and dirty with her fellow sorority sisters. These some wild College chicks playing by those crazy COLLEGE RULES!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Breaking Drake - Divine Bitches

Aiden Starr is a DIVINE BITCH, a Goddess, who must be worshiped. When Drake Temple comes to her with an ego and an attitude she quickly rips it down and puts him in his place. Drake has to face his demons and accept his true lot in life is at the foot of our Goddess.To learn this, he's bound, clamped, whipped, electrocuted, and fucked with a strap-on, among other things. A true Goddess with all the power, she is, and that boy's hole is for her to use anyway she wants. She makes him beg through the gag in his mouth to be fucked like a bitch. He is the pleasure slave of the Goddess.


At DIRTY TEEN IDOLS, Tiffany is a dirty little brat, and she's hungry for sex. She just can’t get enough from Nick Lang and his big bulging boner! Cock is candy to this nymph and he's only to happy to feed it into any hole she wants. And she wants it in EVERY hole! First he gets his tongue in that hot little pussy. He loves her sweet juices. The hot blonde pulls out Nick's dick and starts to work her sweet lips over it and down her throat. She gets on and rides it before he gets her on her back to pound her missionary. Then he flips her over and dips his dick into her derriere, blasting a hot load on her after. 


Justine's Stockings

Justine Jolie showcases her amazing body as she seduces you in this video. Her beautiful lingerie play is just the first step in this video as she strives to do everything she can to turn you on.Watch this sexy lady walk around in her silk stockings. Then she strips down further. Finally, she rips a whole in those stockings and plays with her tight, wet pussy. Watch this gorgeous red-head at STOCKING SECRETS


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Olivia and Campbell - Corbin Fisher

In this CORBIN FISHER update, Campbell joins the site and Olivia couldn't wait to get her hands on this Southern gentleman. They start kissing, and he helps her remove her shirt and bar. He scoops her up and lays her on the bed, kissing down her breasts to her tight, wet pussy. He drills his tongue deep into it, making her moan. She loves it, but wants a taste of Campbell's cock! She swings around and swallows it down. Work it, Olivia. Campbell relaxes, putting his hands behind his head to enjoy her hot mouth. He watches as she deep throats him. He tells her how good it feels, but he wants her to ride him!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beck Nails Ashley - Corbin Fisher

This week at CORBIN FISHER, Beck - a 21 yo pool boy - gets to nail Ashley, the gorgeous blonde. He's always had fantasies about what might when he's working his route, and this is something like how it would go. As they kiss, he lays her on the bed and moves down to her breasts - kissing and sucking her big nipples. He moves further down to get a taste of her pussy. She pulls him back up for a kiss, tasting herself, before sliding down his pants. He's pitching a major tent in his boxer briefs. She's not disappointed once she gets those down and inhales his long shaft.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Olivia and Tye - Corbin Fisher

Gorgeous, blond beauty, Olivia, is new to CORBIN FISHER, and they paired her up with the big, black dicked Tye. As they kiss, he manages to unsnap her bra and slide it off - he's a pro. He continues to kiss her breasts and down her stomach. He slides off her jeans and then gets a taste of her white little pussy.

Cockwork Orange - Cody Cummings

In another hot video from CODY CUMMINGS, he and Heather Vahn indulge us in a forced scene. Cody comes in dressed in a white button down shirt, white suspender, white pants, and a jockstrap over it to show us just how truly crazy he is. Heather wants him to go away, but he has no intention of doing so. He came there for something and he's going to get it. She's laying in her bed and he pounces on her. With a hand around her throat, he tells her not to scream. He's going to get what he wants, and she's going to like it! He cuts off her clothes and toys with her for a bit before finally forcing his way inside of her. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Wolf-Boy and the Girl - Next Door Hookups

New for Halloween from NEXT DOOR HOOKUPS, the sexy ginger - James Jamesson - has a dirty little secret that he hasn't told his new girl, Brittany Amber. They are in the middle of a wooded area when dusk begins to fall and the full moon starts to appear. James becomes worried and rushes off, leaving poor Brittany to fend for herself. 

Brittany searches for him and when she finds him, he tells her she should've gone home. He can no longer hide his secret. The secret that when the full moon rises, James turns into a werewolf! A horny werewolf! Brittany screams as she rushes to get home to safety. Once inside, she quickly locks the door, but realizes she left her window open! James enters, growling, as he approaches.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trystan Bull - Stripped To The Bone

Trystan Bull is a stranger and Kelly Summers is a dirty stripper. He watches from across a room as she takes off her clothes, and they act like they've just met. She gives him a bit of a show, and pretty soon she's not the only one with her clothes off. He's too cute to get just a dance, and her dick is too much for her to pass out. She slides his shorts down, then swallows his cock like an expert, and who can blame her? 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Next Door Hookups - Pool Toy

It's a hot, summery, sultry afternoon in the backyard of the girl NEXT DOOR, Miss Nicky D.  She employs several rotating day-laborers on a regular basis, one by the name of Jack King.  Jack is a hard-working, young man who likes to keep to himself and stay out of the way, especially of the boss herself.

However, on this sunny afternoon, he's asked to take care of some leaves that happened to be sitting directly under the chair upon which Nikki is sitting, enjoying a glass of pomegranate lemonade next to her pool.  Before today, Nikki hadn't noticed Jack's strong build, with its athletic shoulders and toned ass.  That was the real reason she called him closer.  She liked teasing her workers sometimes while they worked, showing off her body and catching a glimmer of lust in their eyes.  But this time is different.  Nikki is finding herself unable to resist the this sexy specimen.  She's treating herself to a helping of his hard, luscious cock by slurping it with passion.  And once she's ready for a nice pounding from her employee, she'll give specific instructions on how he needs to work that cock.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Corbin's Coeds - Skip and Danielle

Danielle is a horny blonde at CORBIN'S COEDS, who likes to break in new freshman. She was especially eager to play with Skip, the southern stud. She gets his clothes off and her mouth on him quick! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Unfaithful Housewives - Caresse and Alex

Caresse is a horny soccer mom who really doesn't mind taking one for the team. See her as one of the real dirty UNFAITHFUL HOUSEWIVES hooking up with another child's father, spread her legs and score the goal for another game of slutty sex.

Bus Stop Girls - Suzanne

Suzanne is a schoolgirl who knows her way around a mature cock. She could probably get her way into college with those skills alone - who cares about test scores. See that talent at work when this guy picks up this BUS STOP GIRL, and she shows him her skills. After eating her out and fingering her tight ass, he fucks her.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Divine Bitches - Pajama Party

For those of you who missed DIVINE BITCHES Maitresse Madeline's and Goddess Aiden Starr's LIVE and PUBLIC birthday bash you will wait no more! This is the third LIVE and PUBLIC femdom party Madeline has hosted and by far the best! This version is edited straight to all the best footage of the wild and crazy night! 40 women join Maitresse Madeline, Goddess Aiden Starr, Mistress Lorelei Lee and Mistress Gia Dimarco along with 3 muscle bound slaveboys for a night of total femdom debachery. All of the women participate with whipping, spanking, humiliation, CBT, foot worship, ass worship and a strap-on anal gang-bang with 40 women! At the end of the night the birthday girls and their best friends use their pleasure slave. Each of them fucking him and milking his prostate until he can barely hold his fat load inside! This is one femdom extravaganza you DON"T want to miss! The full unedited version of this shoot is available streaming by clicking on the live show link.

Bound Gangbangs - Lizzy London

When cute, 19 year old Lizzy London with her big, natural tits comes in to audition for BOUND GANGBANGS5 older men take her down, tie her up, and have their way with her.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Cody Cummings - Cody's Wettest Fan

Krystal Main is CODY CUMMINGS' biggest fan (after me), bordering on fanatical, and she'll do anything to prove it to him. She's a site member who has all the Cody Cummings DVD's, pictures and other merchandise (PSYCHO!), but recently she has taken it a step further, sending him a fairly explicit home made video.

Cody is no dumb ass, so when it comes time to pick a winner for the Cody Cummings Dildo Prototype Contest, he decides to pick someone who has always supported him, and who also happens to be a hot cock-starved fan who makes home videos. And if winning the contest wasn't enough of a surprise for Krystal, wait til she see's the dildo's “special feature”. I think I'm going to have to get myself one if this is the outcome!

Corbin Fisher - Keny, Trey, and Danielle Threesome

CORBIN FISHER presents us a hot bisexual threesome with Kent, Trey, and the gorgeous Danielle. Not surprisingly – Kent's dick is rock-hard and sticking out of his shorts as soon as he gets in bed with Trey and Danielle! Kent is always up for more in and out of the bedroom. Danielle, the dirty girl she is, loves to take on two guys at once any time she can. And Trey always has a blast in a threesome.

Roboho - Marcus Mojo and Nikki Delano

MARCUS MOJO has just gotten himself a new “toy”. The Roboho, on the cutting edge of robotics technology, has finally been shipped and is ready for him to use. He's got it all set up in the basement and he's ready to take it for a spin. He grabs the remote and presses “Dance” and before you know it, the NikkiBot is pole dancing just like a real live stripper. Amazeballs! After that, Marcus' cock is rock hard and so he's ready to see what else this thing can do... well, let's just say that this thing is full featured with all the bells, whistles and holes to get him shooting his load day after day.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Corbin’s Coeds – Forest Fucks Danielle

Danielle at COLLEGE COEDS was anxious to get Forrest into bed. She really craved getting her lips all over those muscles he'd built up from years of MMA fighting – and especially the big muscle between his legs!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Next Door Hookups: Blind Hunt

At NEXT DOOR HOOKUPS, Krystal Main & James Huntsman are playing games in the bedroom. Blindfolded, James has to feel his way around to find her. Once he does, the game is on. First it's a little bit of 69 Warm-up followed by a nice round of Hide the Salami and ending in little Face Painting session. We all know James is game. Are you?



Monday, September 12, 2011

Corbin’s Coeds – Ripley’s Tag Team

Ripley has never done anything involving a guy before. But something about tag team videos seem to ramp up the competitive nature of the guys involved. So it's no surprise that Ripley ended up having a great time in his first tag team with Kenny and Danielle! The guys really get off on spit roasting her, sucking her breasts, and using this blonde babe. See more at CORBIN FISHER.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Next Door Hookups - Tricks With Mirrors

At NEXT DOOR HOOKUPS, the gorgeous Darcy Tyler has just purchased a new full length mirror to be placed by her bedside. Cameron Foster is itching to try it out, and Darcy is willing, especially after a thorough investigation of Cameron's body reveals that it is not the work of tricks & mirrors, but instead the results from pumping iron at the gym. In no time these two are going at it and posing in front of the mirror, watching Cameron's hard cock pound in and out before he comes all over her, himself, the bed, the mirror, and anything else that happens to be in the immediate vicinity.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Corbin's Coeds - Stuart & Jackie

At CORBIN'S COED'S, tattooed bad boy Stuart is already as hard as a rock when he kisses Jackie. Once she gets his cock out of his underwear and starts sucking it, it looks like his dick gets even harder! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Tristan, Rudy, & Danielle

Lucky Danielle! She gets to play with two hot guys outside - lean and sensual Rudy and the ripped and aggressive Tristan on CORBIN FISHER! 

She kisses them both and the action gets started. The guys kiss her tits, then each other. Tristan fingers Danielle while he kisses Rudy, then he strokes Rudy's cock. Tristan's dick is rock hard – this horndog loves having two hot playmates at the same time! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Cort & Danielle

CORBIN FISHER'S new coed Danielle can't wait to “cowboy up” on Cort! The two kiss and Danielle pushes Cort down on the bed. She likes the feel of his ripped abs and helps him get his shirt off. He likes the feel of her firm tits and gets her blouse off. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Next Door Hookups – Scenic and Sensual

Not many people know that Johnny Torque is a deeply romantic individual.  He's brought the insatiable Charity Bangs to a hilltop to overlook incredible, sweeping wine country views.  Johnny knows how much Charity loves sucking his throbbing dick and he's hoping the amazing scenery will stir Charity to let him give her a hard pounding.

Sure enough, she can't wait to have Johnny's giant cock inside her as he uses his firm body to pleasure her to the max.  Take in the gorgeous countryside while you watch Johnny deliver a sensual but hard fucking in this scenic uhh.....scene. Visit NEXT DOOR HOOKUPS to see this scene and more! 


Cody Cummings - Photos & Fucking

CODY CUMMINGS is featuring two of his life's passions here: taking photographs and busting nuts. Charity Bangs will do just fine for both, and why wouldn’t she? She’s hot, right? After taking some subtle direction from Cody during the photo shoot, she feels more comfortable. Well, comfortable enough to take his huge cock in her mouth, and she’s a talented cock swallower. Watch her taste the head and suck on the shaft until he can barely stand it any longer. Holding out as long as he can, he finally gives her the Stallion full on proper before an earthshaking cum shot all over the place. Don’t forget, you can enjoy Cody’s site and watch him fuck more beautiful woman.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

40-Inch Plus - Christina

Christina has a big 40-INCH PLUS sized ass. Her boyfriend shows us in this video how he likes to measure it, smack it, eat it, then FUCK it!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bit Torrent Suits Continue To Grow!

Back in September 2010, CORBIN FISHER filed a copyright infringement suit against 59 John Does. In March 2011, the courts OK'd a discovery motion so identities could be discovered and Time Warner, the ISP the John Does used, would have to send out subpoenas. 

Then in late March 2011, they filed another suit against 95 infringers who did one movie over the course of a day. It reflected how one thief (and yes, you are stealing other people's protected property and therefore a thief in a court of law) uploaded a movie and it spread from one person to another to another and another. "Because of the nature of the collective swarm downloads, every infringer is — and by necessity together — simultaneously both stealing [Corbin Fisher's] copyrighted material an redistributing it,the suit said. 

Corbin Fisher - Wyatt & Jackie

In this hot, new update from CORBIN FISHER, new freshman, Wyatt, bangs Jackie. He wastes no time and kisses Jackie.  Jackie kisses his lean-muscled torso. He kisses her nipples as he undoes her shorts. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Samuel O'Toole - The Doctor Is In

Nikki D is having some self confidence issues. Seems as if she's feeling a bit inadequate about some of her lady parts. She thinks her lips, her breasts, her ass- all of it could be a little more full. So she seeks an opinion from her surgeon, Dr. SAMUEL O'TOOLE


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Next Door Hookups - Hands On Workout

Nikki D is working it out in the gym, letting off some steam and just looking for a way to release some of her pent up energy. She's been noticing Connor Maguire for quite some time, and finally the tables are turned. Connor sees her working the bag and gets an idea to have her soft hands working something else. After smoothing it over with some small talk, Connor lets Nikki's natural horniness do the rest. In no time she's abandoned the idea of her workout to get all sweaty with Connor instead. Enjoy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Whaletail Bangers - Carmen & Kurt

Latest WhaletailBangers.com Videos
Carmen Kinsley and Kurt Lockwood
July 20, 2011 at 5:00 PM
Carmen Kinsley shows off her big ass and tits before getting deep dicked by the hung Kurt Lockwood in this one-on-one. Her big tits look fantastic as she's being tapped too.
Media Files
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