Friday, August 19, 2011

Corbin's Coeds - Stuart & Jackie

At CORBIN'S COED'S, tattooed bad boy Stuart is already as hard as a rock when he kisses Jackie. Once she gets his cock out of his underwear and starts sucking it, it looks like his dick gets even harder! 

Jackie goes down on him, swallowing his shaft down her throat. She sucks on the head of Stuart's dick, then strokes it. 

Stuart and Jackie kiss again. He lays her down on the bed. He kisses his way down from her tits to her pussy, then he eats her out. 

Jackie plays with her tits as Stuart kisses and tongues her deeply. He slides into her. Almost instantly, he starts ramming all the way in. 

Stuart holds up her legs so she can feel every inch. Jackie whimpers as he bones her. Pulling out for a moment. Stuart slaps his dick against her pussy, then stuffs her again. Jackie moans. 

Stuart alternates between fucking her slow, then fast. Jackie rolls onto her side and Stuart drills into her from behind as he kisses her. She rolls onto her stomach and he fucks her in an almost doggy-style crouch. 

Jackie climbs on top of Stuart to ride him. He drives it into her pussy fast and hard. Jackie bounces up and down on him, not letting him slip out, even as they flip around.

Stuart can't hold back. He gets Jackie off him and shoots his load all over his own abs! She fingers herself as he squeezes every drop of cum out.

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