Monday, August 8, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Cort & Danielle

CORBIN FISHER'S new coed Danielle can't wait to “cowboy up” on Cort! The two kiss and Danielle pushes Cort down on the bed. She likes the feel of his ripped abs and helps him get his shirt off. He likes the feel of her firm tits and gets her blouse off. 

Danielle kisses Cort's stomach. He kisses her tits. Danielle licks his cock and swallows the head. Cort's dick stiffens in his mouth. “I want to ride you!” she says. Cort's more than willing … but first he goes down on her. 

Cort eats out Danielle's hot pussy and rubs her tits. She moans as he flicks his tongue in and our of her. “You want it?” he asks. She does! 

Danielle climbs on top of Cort's cock. She slides down his cock and grinds against him. She jokes about riding the bull for more than 8 seconds. 

Cort talks dirty to her. He drills deep up inside her. Now Cort wants to fuck her doggy-style. Danielle gets on all fours and he shoves his cock back inside her. 

Danielle whimpers as Cort pounds her. He smacks her ass, and slams his dick even deeper inside her wet pussy. 

“Take that dick, baby,” Cort tells her. Danielle flips onto her back. Cort fucks her in the missionary position. He holds her legs up and slams into her. She whimpers and yells out as he dicks her even faster. 

Danielle's tits bounce as he fucks her. They move back into doggy-style. Cort fucks her from behind. He pounds her harder and harder. She yelps as he slams into her ass. 

Cort pulls out and shoots his huge load across her back and hot ass!

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