Thursday, August 11, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Tristan, Rudy, & Danielle

Lucky Danielle! She gets to play with two hot guys outside - lean and sensual Rudy and the ripped and aggressive Tristan on CORBIN FISHER! 

She kisses them both and the action gets started. The guys kiss her tits, then each other. Tristan fingers Danielle while he kisses Rudy, then he strokes Rudy's cock. Tristan's dick is rock hard – this horndog loves having two hot playmates at the same time! 

Danielle goes down on Rudy. Tristan wastes no time. He slides his hot dick into Danielle's wet pussy. He bangs her while she sucks Rudy's cock. 

Tristan goes down to kiss Danielle's sweet ass, and shoulder. He fingers her while he fucks her. Then he leans over to kiss Rudy. He kisses Rudy's nipple, while Danielle whimpers as she gets stuffed from both ends.

Rudy and Tristan can't stop kissing each other. Danielle keeps swallowing Rudy's cock. Tristan gets underneath Danielle and eats her out. He strokes his hard dick and fingers her.

Danielle lays down so Rudy can take his turn pounding her. Tristan stands up and feeds Rudy his rock-hard dick. Danielle hangs on to Rudy's back as he pumps her furiously.

Tristan sticks his cock in Danielle's mouth. Rudy bends over. He and Danielle lick Tristan's dick together. Now Tristan's so turned on, he wants a crack at Rudy's tight hole! 

Rudy gets on on his hands and knees. Tristan slides his cock in his ass. Danielle and Tristan kiss as Tristan pounds Rudy. “Feels so good,” Rudy says. “Fuck me harder!” he says. “That all you got?” he taunts Tristan. 

Tristan responds by fucking Rudy even harder, sinking his long dick all the way in. “You like that?” Tristan asks. Rudy moans appreciatively. 

Rudy flips onto his back. Tristan nails him in a missionary position. Tristan's muscled ass flexes with every thrust. Rudy strokes his cock as Tristan fucks him. Danielle encourages both of them and gives Rudy a hand stroking his cock. 

Tristan fucks a thick load out of Rudy! Cum splatters onto his abs. Tristan pulls out and shoots his load onto Rudy's abs as well!

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