Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bit Torrent Suits Continue To Grow!

Back in September 2010, CORBIN FISHER filed a copyright infringement suit against 59 John Does. In March 2011, the courts OK'd a discovery motion so identities could be discovered and Time Warner, the ISP the John Does used, would have to send out subpoenas. 

Then in late March 2011, they filed another suit against 95 infringers who did one movie over the course of a day. It reflected how one thief (and yes, you are stealing other people's protected property and therefore a thief in a court of law) uploaded a movie and it spread from one person to another to another and another. "Because of the nature of the collective swarm downloads, every infringer is — and by necessity together — simultaneously both stealing [Corbin Fisher's] copyrighted material an redistributing it,the suit said. 

In March, they also shut down a site - PornILove - and filed suit against 998(!!!) others who were involved with the file stealing and sharing. This guy was selling people memberships to be able to go and download content that he himself stole! Which doesn't make sense. How stupid are you that you would pay to get stolen goods when you might as well sign up at the site itself and be free of the burden of being caught and sued and having your name splashed all over the internet as a horn dog porn pirate! There are even Video-On-Demand sites like AEBN that let you access videos from all different studios, like the Netflix version of porn.

In June 2011, they were awarded $63,000 from one defendant who only stole TWO MOVIES, but plastered them all over multiple sites! The statutory minimum for torrents is only $750. I don't know about you, but I certainly couldn't afford to pay that. And just recently, on July 29, 2011, one John Doe decided to settle and pay $10,401 even though he claims he DID NOT download any porn himself. He apparently had an unsecure wireless router, which people used to download and share porn. 

It's not just Corbin Fisher that's doing this. Everyday suits are being filed against THOUSANDS of different people from Adult Film companies like Elegant Angel, Zero Tolerance, New Sensations and many, many more. All the suits are seeking to identify the John Does via subpoenas from ISPs. Don't let one of them be you! 

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