Friday, July 1, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Kevin Doubles Down On Delila

New from CORBIN FISHER - if you have strong cards, you might want double down to increase your winnings. And if you've got two loads worth of cum, you might want to call Delila! 

Kevin and Delila make out. She pushes him to the couch and starts blowing him. His big dick stiffens as she sucks the head, slowly licking all the way down his shaft. She takes her time, enjoying every inch of Kevin's cock. 

Delila switches places and Kevin kisses her nipple,her stomach and then moving down to lick her hotpussy. She yelps as he eats her out. Kevin strokes his cock. His tongue flicks in and out of her. He slides a finger into her, working it deep inside her. 

Kevin stuffs his big dick inside her. Delila's lips wrap around his cock. He slowly fucks her, then ramps up the intensity. He pulls all the way out, then shoves it back in. Within moments, he blasts a huge load up Delila's stomach! 

But Delila is still horny. She rubs some of his cum into her skin, and then starts blowing Kevin again, licking every drop of his juice off his shaft. She climbs on top of him in a reverse cowgirl. As his cum dries on her stomach, she grinds up and down on his thick dick. 

Kevin doesn't want her to do all the work, though! He bends Delila over the couch doggy-style and fucks her. He teases her pussy by pulling all the way out and then slamming back into her. 

He drills Delila even faster. He pulls his cock out and blasts a SECOND thick load onto her back. 

I'd say whoever gets to play with Kevin definitely gets dealt a winning hand! Visit CORBIN FISHER to see the entire video and other college co-eds getting it on. 

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