Saturday, July 30, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Wyatt & Jackie

In this hot, new update from CORBIN FISHER, new freshman, Wyatt, bangs Jackie. He wastes no time and kisses Jackie.  Jackie kisses his lean-muscled torso. He kisses her nipples as he undoes her shorts. 

Jackie strokes his big cock through his shorts, but that just makes her want it more. She sucks his cock and it gets rock-hard. It's a mouthful, but she manages! She tickles the head with her mouth, and swallows down his shaft. 

Wyatt lays down and eats her out as she blows him. Jackie moans as he spreads apart her hot pussy and drives his tongue into it. 

Jackie gets on her hands and knees and Wyatt slides his long dick into her. She whimpers as he pounds her. He alternates between fast and slow strokes with his cock, driving her wild. She lays on her back and Wyatt stuff his dick back into her. 

Wyatt shoves his cock into her faster and faster. They switch to a side position. Wyatt pounds her faster and faster. 

Wyatt pulls out and shoots his load all over her pussy! 

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