Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Ashley & Russ

At CORBIN FISHERAshley can't wait to hook up with new freshman, Russ. I think she knows how good that big, thick cock is going to taste! 

Russ and Ashley kiss. She kisses his sensitive nipples, then rubs his cock through his jeans. Once she's out of her shorts, Russ pulls her panties off and eats her out. 

Russ dives down deep into her wet pussy. He tongues her slowly, savoring the taste of her. 

Ashley sucks Russ's cock through his underwear, making his dick stiffen. She pulls it out, teasing the head with her tongue before swallowing it all. She sucks on Russ's balls, then takes his cock in her mouth again. 

Russ tells Ashley he wants to fuck her. She wets his cock with her mouth, then climbs on top of him. Russ smacks her ass lightly. Ashley grinds down on him. 

Russ grabs Ashley's tits as she bounces up and down on his dick. Russ tells her he wants to fuck her doggy-style. He slams his cock back into her. “Fuck, that feels good!” she yelps. 

Ashley pushes back against Russ's dick to take every inch of him. Her pussy is wrapped tightly around his cock. Russ holds her hands back behind her and pounds her. 

Russ and Ashley lay on their sides. He stuffs his cock into her from behind. He grabs her tits, then her stomach as he fucks her harder. 

Grabbing one of Ashley's legs over his shoulder, Russ pumps his dick into her furiously. She moans and yelps louder as he fucks her. 

Russ fucks her missionary style, his cock thrusting all the way into her. He pulls out and blasts his load all the way up between her tits. They kiss and lay back, his big dick still rock hard!


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