Sunday, October 30, 2011

Olivia and Tye - Corbin Fisher

Gorgeous, blond beauty, Olivia, is new to CORBIN FISHER, and they paired her up with the big, black dicked Tye. As they kiss, he manages to unsnap her bra and slide it off - he's a pro. He continues to kiss her breasts and down her stomach. He slides off her jeans and then gets a taste of her white little pussy.

After punching and rubbing her nipples, they switch positions. She works that chocolate cock down her throat, but it's massive. She can barely get her mouth around it, but he gives her a hand. She manages to swallow a good portion of the shaft before they get into 69-ing.

He spanks her ass as his tongue slides in and out of her cooch, and giving it long licks over the entire surface. She continues to work that cock down her throat. Stretching her mouth as much as she can. It's not long before she wants him to fuck her with his black boa.

He gets her on her side and stuffs inside her. She moans as he drills her and stretches her tight hole. She gets on top of him and rides him like Seabiscuit. He bounces her and his wide shaft. His cock slamming into her makes her whimper. She gets onto all fours so he can do her doggy-style. He pulls her hair as he drives it into her, and she loves it. When he pulls out he blasts a load all over her sweet ass.

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