Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trystan Bull - Stripped To The Bone

Trystan Bull is a stranger and Kelly Summers is a dirty stripper. He watches from across a room as she takes off her clothes, and they act like they've just met. She gives him a bit of a show, and pretty soon she's not the only one with her clothes off. He's too cute to get just a dance, and her dick is too much for her to pass out. She slides his shorts down, then swallows his cock like an expert, and who can blame her? 

She's a whore for his cock and wants it inside her more than anything. He obliges her and bends her pretty ass over the couch and aims for her sweet spot. She moans in pleasure and loves his muscled body pressed against her tiny frame. She rides his cock like she's at the rodeo, and ropes her Bull.

Her tits are too much for him to ignore. They're round and big and perfect for him to kiss and suck on.

See the trailer below and click here to see more!

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