Friday, October 28, 2011

The Wolf-Boy and the Girl - Next Door Hookups

New for Halloween from NEXT DOOR HOOKUPS, the sexy ginger - James Jamesson - has a dirty little secret that he hasn't told his new girl, Brittany Amber. They are in the middle of a wooded area when dusk begins to fall and the full moon starts to appear. James becomes worried and rushes off, leaving poor Brittany to fend for herself. 

Brittany searches for him and when she finds him, he tells her she should've gone home. He can no longer hide his secret. The secret that when the full moon rises, James turns into a werewolf! A horny werewolf! Brittany screams as she rushes to get home to safety. Once inside, she quickly locks the door, but realizes she left her window open! James enters, growling, as he approaches.


Wolf-James hovers over her. She's too scared to even scream. He leans closer and closer. But he isn't there to kill her. He's there to eat her - eat her out! He starts kissing her and tears off her blouse. Her breasts fully exposed send the blood rushing to his big cock. It too needs release. He unleashes his monster tool and beats on her breasts first, then aims it towards her mouth. She likes this beast that he's become and it makes her wet! She happily obliges, and swallows his dick.

Next, his enhanced sense of smell tells him that her tight pussy is leaking, so he decides to lap it up. Tastes so good to a horny wolf-man. He can tell that it's sufficiently lubed up and it's time to thrust his man-meat into his victim's hole.

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