Monday, October 10, 2011

Corbin's Coeds - Skip and Danielle

Danielle is a horny blonde at CORBIN'S COEDS, who likes to break in new freshman. She was especially eager to play with Skip, the southern stud. She gets his clothes off and her mouth on him quick! 

Danielle swallows Skip's cock. Skip looks down and smiles, enjoying Danielle's lips and tongue sliding up and down on him. His thick cock gets even bigger and harder as she blows him. She licks the shaft before putting that big head back in her mouth.

Skip rips her pants off, and dives into her tits - kissing and licking them. Skip eats out her hot, wet pussy. His tongue delving into her, making her moan. 

Danielle gets on all fours. Skip slides in and starts pounding her doggy-style - making her whimper as he bangs her from behind and his nuts slap her ass.

He tells her how good that tight pussy feels as he gets on one knee and drives in even deeper. He pulls out of Danielle all the way, then slams back inside her. Skip smacks Danielle's ass with his cock. Then he sticks it back into her and fucks her harder.

Danielle lies on her back. Skip lifts one of her legs onto his shoulder. He stuffs her pussy with his thick dick. Danielle tells how much she likes it.

Skip thrusts in and out faster, his athletic body flexing as he pounds her. Danielle hangs on to the edge of the bed as he fucks her brains out. She tells him how much she wants him to come on her.


Skip pulls out and blasts his thick load all over Danielle's ass cheek. Hot cum sprays all over her. He kisses her and rubs her tit, satisfied by her hungry mouth and pussy!

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