Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beck Nails Ashley - Corbin Fisher

This week at CORBIN FISHER, Beck - a 21 yo pool boy - gets to nail Ashley, the gorgeous blonde. He's always had fantasies about what might when he's working his route, and this is something like how it would go. As they kiss, he lays her on the bed and moves down to her breasts - kissing and sucking her big nipples. He moves further down to get a taste of her pussy. She pulls him back up for a kiss, tasting herself, before sliding down his pants. He's pitching a major tent in his boxer briefs. She's not disappointed once she gets those down and inhales his long shaft.

Her skilled mouth feels amazing, but he's ready to feel her moist cunt wrap around his hefty meat. He slides it into her. She moans. He pounds it into her. He lifts up a leg to get in their deeper. Then she gets on top and really shows what she can do with her pussy, milking his big udder. He gets her on her stomach and almost fucks her off the bed, but stops in time to finish all over her sweet ass.


Corbin-Fisher-Ashley-Beck-014    Corbin-Fisher-Ashley-Beck-018

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