Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cody Cummings and Jeannie Marie

CODY CUMMINGS and Jeannie Marie are lounging around the house on a Sunday morning watching the early games and relaxing in bed. Jeannie has come over during Cody's normal Sunday routine, which pretty much just entails some football and other ball handling. Jeannie is a little hungry so Cody, ever the gentleman,  makes her some breakfast. Carrying quite the spread when he returns, she feasts with her eyes at the tray of food, but even more so at Cody's perfect chiseled physique. After hand feeding her tangy oranges, she licks the juice off his fingers, and before long, it is obvious what she really wants in her mouth. Throwing the food aside, she takes his shaft in one full gulp, slurping and swallowing on his breakfast burrito like it was her last meal. Whoa, Jeannie, whoa! Save some room for dessert.


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