Monday, January 23, 2012

Next Door Hookups - Brittany Amber and Tyler Torro

Tyler Torro bangs Brittany Amber on NEXT DOOR HOOKUPS.

Tyler Torro is just another in a long line of models who let the attention of their job go straight to their heads. Its an industry cliché and one that is well earned. But Brittany Amber isn’t trying to hear it. She expects that when a model represents her agency, that they will conduct themselves with a level of respectability and a modicum of decorum. So much for that though, with this Torro character. She’s been having nothing but trouble with him from the start, and the tension is starting to reach maximum levels. For his part, Tyler is feeling the pressure too, and convinced that his “agent” isn’t taking his career seriously.

It all boils over at the Next Door shoot (where else?) when Tyler leaves the set and confronts Brittany back at the office. Before too long an argument ensues, tempers flare and the heat gets the best of both of them. The tension turns to passion in a blink of an eye when a hesitant Brittany finally gives into her obvious lust for Tyler. Maybe this will satisfy his “special attention needs” and we can all get back to the photoshoot.

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