Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ashley and Duncan - Corbin Fisher

Ashley breaks in new College Freshman, Duncan at CORBIN FISHER!


Duncan and Ashley fell into one of the easiest chemistry I've ever seen. Ashley teases Duncan, she likes it that he's nervous. Duncan does have a little trouble with Ashley's bra. Once she goes down on him, he stops having trouble with anything. Duncan teases her back, and things get even hotter. Ashley climbs up on the chair so he can eat her out. He strokes his cock as he dives into her wet pussy with his tongue. She turns around and rides his cock.

Duncan has no trouble telling Ashley exactly what he wants, either! She bounces up and down on him, then teases his cock. He wants it all, though and has her sit down all the way, feeling every hard inch. Ashley slams back and forth on his cock. She pullshim up and she bends over so Duncan can fuck her from behind. Duncan is very vocal, telling Ashley what to do, and asking if she likes when he spanks her.

Duncan shoots his load all over Ashley's stomach. Looks like Duncan is one quick study!


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