Friday, September 30, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Keny, Trey, and Danielle Threesome

CORBIN FISHER presents us a hot bisexual threesome with Kent, Trey, and the gorgeous Danielle. Not surprisingly – Kent's dick is rock-hard and sticking out of his shorts as soon as he gets in bed with Trey and Danielle! Kent is always up for more in and out of the bedroom. Danielle, the dirty girl she is, loves to take on two guys at once any time she can. And Trey always has a blast in a threesome.

In fact, Trey loves to get nailed by a guy while girls watch… something about that just turns him on, and me too. He's totally enjoying how hard Kent is already. Danielle helps Trey get his jeans off, while Kent pulls off Danielle's shorts.

Danielle plays with Trey's cock through his shorts. Kent teases Danielle's pussy with the head of his dick, then with his fingers. Kent goes down to eat Danielle out while she strokes Trey's cock and kisses him.

Trey has a huge grin on his face as Danielle blows him while Kent fucks her. He smacks his long cock against Danielle's tit. She goes back down on him. Kent fucks her deep and slow. Trey stands up to feed Kent his dick.

Kent swallows Trey's cock. Danielle blows Kent, then backs up onto his dick. Trey lies down and Danielle sits on his dick to ride him. She plays with her tit as she grinds against Trey. He drills up into her, making her whimper.

Trey sicks Kent's cock while Danielle rides him. Kent plays with her tits and stuffs his dick back in Trey's mouth. Trey is really ramming Danielle as hard as he can.

Kent lubes up Trey's ass and starts fingering that tight hole. Kent jams his fingers in and out, faster and faster. Now he wants his turn!

He slides his cock into Trey's ass. Danielle strokes his cock and kisses Trey as he yells, “Oh! Oh my god!” Kent slams his dick even deeper into Trey's hole.

Kent moves into a pushup position and drives his cock into Trey. Trey is gasping and moaning, clearly loving every inch of Kent inside him. Kent pounds him harder.

Trey strokes his cock as Kent jackhammers him. He flips over so Kent can fuck him doggy-style. Danielle keeps encouraging him “Take it!” Trey's big dick bounces up and down as Kent fucks him.

Danielle strokes Trey as he's getting fucked. Trey whimpers as he tells kent to fuck him. Trey shoots his load onto the bed.

Kent keeps pounding Trey's ass. He pulls out and blasts his load all over Trey's ass and back. All three of them kiss. Kent says he's worn out – I believe it!


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