Thursday, July 19, 2012

Masquerade Fuck With Tyler and Cassandra

Having just met a Fat Tuesday street party, Tyler Black and Cassandra Cruz duck into Tyler’s hotel for a quick refresher and to get away from the throng of crowds for a minute. Once inside, Tyler can fully appreciate Cassandra’s sexy curves, and Cassandra has the same thing on her mind as she immediately tries to get Tyler naked. Tyler eagerly obliges and is naked as a jaybird in mere moments. Once there, Cassandra starts to suck him off with a passion and hunger than Tyler can’t believe. Taking Tyler’s hardening cock between her lips, she slams is against the back of her throat as Tyler thrusts back and forth fucking her sweet mouth. 

Next it’s her turn as he tears off her clothes and rests her back on the sofa, legs spread for him to have his way with her. After moistening her up with his mouth, he stands up, on full display for her- his rippling abs and rock hard cock shimmering in the light. As he enters her, she moans approvingly, letting her eyes roll back into her head as she feels every inch of Tyler’s cock working in and out. She flips him over and rides his dick while massaging his balls and bouncing her ass up and down, she tries to milk him for his nut, which he gladly gives her, spraying his load all over her breasts and bead stash. Well at least she knows where to get more. Talking about cock. Who gives a shit about bead necklaces? See more at Next Door Hookups.

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