Monday, June 13, 2011

8th Street Latinas–Pecker Checker

 Down on 8TH STREET these Latinas go wild! Samantha was in desperate need of a ride when Julio passes by. Her car broke down and he was kind enough to give her a lift. She’s really appreciative. Her lousy, good-for-nothing boyfriend wasn’t answering her phone calls or her texts because they had gotten into a fight. Julio doesn’t think a beautiful girl like her should deal with things like that. She deserves better. She tells him that she also deserves to get fucked good too and for a real man to take care of her needs.


She notices she’s piqued his interested and that he’s checking her out in the rear view mirror, so she decides to  tease him a bit by pulling down her top and playing with her boob. Then she lifts up her skirt and pulls her undies aside and starts to rub her clit. Julio is so excited he nearly gets into an accident! Samantha laughs and tells him to pull into a secluded area. After he does, she hops into the front seat and pulls out his cock.



She slowly strokes his cock before she slides her lips up and down his big shaft. She takes him all the way down and he loves it. She works his cock really good with her mouth, but he wants more. They decide to go back to his place. His wife isn’t home anyway.





Once they get to his place, they can’t keep their hands off of each other. He gets a hold of her firm Latina booty. She gives him a little show first and strips off her clothes. She chokes on his dick again, then he reaches over and starts to play with her tight pussy. Pretty soon he’s filling that hole with his dick. He gets her worked up, moaning and screaming papi. He grabs her by the hair and plows deep into her.









They switch positions and she rides him for a bit. They switch up again and he fucks her and hard until he’s ready to bust his nut. He tells her to get on her knees so he can blow his load all over her pretty little face.





If you want to see this video and to see Samantha’s face covered in salty semen, then visit 8TH STREET LATINAS!

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