Friday, June 24, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Ashley & Dumas

CORBIN FISHER brings us more AMERICAN COLLEGE SEX. This week we have Ashley and hot new freshman, Dumas, making-out on the bed. Dumas kisses and gropes Ashley's breasts. In fact, he can barely keep his hands off of them! 

Ashley gets Dumas' big cock out of his pants. “You like that?” he asks. She shows him how much she does when she puts it in her mouth. Dumas lays on the bed so Ashley can deepthroat his dick. She licks his balls as he strokes his shaft. 

Dumas drills up into her faster and faster. They kiss again, and she cups his balls as she grinds down on him. 

Ashley gets on her hands and knees. Dumas licks her tight pussy to make sure she's ready for his big cock. He bangs her hard, and she holds onto the edge of the bed as he pounds her. 

Dumas slows down, teasing Ashley with his dick. She leans back up against him and they kiss. She lays down and feeds Ashley his cock and he fingers her pussy. 

She wants him back inside her. Dumas stuffs his cock back into her, fucking her deep and hard. Ashleywhimpers as he pounds her. She tells Dumas how much she loves the feel of his thick cock in her. 

“Let's see that pussy come,” Dumas says, as he teases her with his dickhead again. He fucks her on her side, squeezing her tit as he fucks her. 

Dumas flips her over and licks her pussy again before sliding back inside her. Ashley lays flat as he fucks her harder. Dumas pulls out and blows a thick load all over Ashley's ass. “So fucking good,” he says after they kiss.

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