Friday, June 10, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Jon Bones Jackie

New at CORBIN FISHERJackie is the first one out of the gate to play with handsome new freshman, Jon. And he proves to be as hot in bed as he is on camera. Lucky girl! 

Jon kisses Jackie passionately. He gets her down on the bed and keeps kissing her as she pulls his dick out from his pants. 

Jackie strokes Jon's cock. He stands up to feed it to her. Jackie deepthroats his dick. Jon lays her back down on the bed, so he can go down on her. 

Jon dives into her hot pussy, sticking his tongue in as far as he can. He strokes his cock as he eats her out. He gets so turned on, he has to start fucking Jackie.

Jackie moans in ecstasy as Jon pounds her. He thrusts inside her, his ass flexing as he stuffs his cock deep inside her.

Jon gets Jackie on all fours so he can bone her doggy-style. Jon fucks her even faster as he gets into a push-up position and drills down into her. 

Jackie yelps as Jon's cock brings her to the brink of an orgasm. He fucks her from the side, sliding all the way into her. He plays with her perky tits and fingers her as he's fucking her, then gets her back on her hands and knees.

Jon pulls out and blasts a huge load on Jackie's back. Cum sprays everywhere as our newest stud wraps up his first ACS action!

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