Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trystan Bull - Dr. Bull: Sex Therapist

This is your chance to see the brilliant Dr. TRYSTAN BULL at his best.  He's in the studio with brand new guests, Marko Lebeau and Shanah Lane.  They're a couple who are having problems in the bedroom.  Shanah won't suck Marko's dick!  Let's see what the good doctor can do to help...

Dr. Bull is a therapist who cares and has the insight to diagnose relationship issues quickly and accurately.  He can see that Shanah hasn't been stimulated enough by her husband Marko.  That's why Trystan is going to have them run a few exercises that may do wonders for the couple's lackluster sex life.  By the looks of it, Shanah loves cock in and around her mouth, so Trystan's having her slurp on Marko's hard boner a little to get things started.

Then Dr. Bull is stepping in with an unorthodox technique by pulling out his own dick and getting involved himself.

When Marko sees this, he jumps in as well, sucking hard on the doctor's stiffy.

This proves to push the therapy in a progressive direction, so Trystan goes a step further.  What other talk show doc would be so caring as to fuck his guest?

It's a beautiful thing to see such genuine concern and involvement.  Enjoy more by visiting TRYSTAN BULL. Get a 3 day trial or receive 33% off a monthly subscription by using coupon code  BUDDY33OFF.

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