Sunday, June 26, 2011

Corbin Fisher - Kenny & Dru Flip Flop with Delila

Big-dicked Dru and lean-muscled Kenny get together with feisty redhead Delila … and everybody gets fucked at CORBIN FISHER!

The clothes come off immediately .Kenny swallows Dru down to the root. Delila helps Kenny out by sucking him, then Dru joins in as well – giving Kenny a 69 plus one! 

Delila sucks Dru's cock, then they lay her down so Kenny can eat her out. Dru enjoys a sloppy wet blow job from Delila as he fingers Kenny's tight ass. 


Once she gets on all fours, Kenny fucks Delila from behind. Dru plays with her tits while she gets banged. Dru kisses Kenny and has him stroke his cock. 

Dru gets behind Kenny and rubs his chest, then stands on the bed to feed Kenny his big cock. The guys kiss again, then Dru goes back down so he can choke Delila with his cock some more. 

Delila playfully kisses Dru's ass, then he sticks his dick deep inside her hot pussy as she blows Kenny. As Dru pounds Delila, Kenny lubes up Du's ass and sticks his cock inside. 

Kenny fucks Dru as he fucks Delila. Dru's ass rises up to meet Kenny's cock, then grinds down to fuck Delila deeper. Dru reaches behind to grab Kenny's ass and pull him in harder. 

“Oh, God, I want to fuck you so bad!” Dru tells Kenny.Dru flips onto his back. Kenny climbs up and rides on his dick. Dru loves how that tight hole feels wrapped around his cock. Delila kisses Dru's chest as he drills into Kenny.

Dru and Delila both spank Kenny's ass as he rides Dru's dick. Dru pounds him faster. Dru wants him to come. Kenny blasts his load into Delila's mouth. Some of it sprays onto Dru's abs. Dru shoots his thick load all the way up his chest. Delila traces some of their cum all the way up Dru's shoulder. 

The guys kiss, then Kenny licks a little cum off Dru's shoulder for himself. All three laugh when Dru says that the cum's “good for the skin.”

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